At last night’s FinCom Meeting, it appears that information I have shared via email with an interested opponent may have been taken out of context and given to the FinCom inaccurately. Fact:  Nitrate & Sodium levels leaving the Littleton Commons from a feeder stream that discharges into Beaver Brook are very significant and have been since sampling began in the early 1980s.

Currently, nitrate levels at Well # 2, as with all our drinking water source are very low.  We plan on increasing the capacity of this source once a treatment plant (for the removal of iron and manganese) goes on line by the end of 2013.

We do not know the long-term impact that these elevated levels of nitrates and sodium may have once we increase our pumping capacity at this source.

Mr. Savas Danos is General Manager of LELWD


Marc LaVigne
09/25/2013 6:32pm

Apparently there is a mistatement of my comments last night that were reported back to Savas Danos. I agree that the nitrate level at our wells average less than one ppm which is very low. I would not say otherwise. I also discussed the elevated level of nitrates in the common area and refuted the committees inference that it had an effect on our wells. It has been the same since 1982 with no effect on the wells. I am glad to hear that Savas states that we do not know the long term effect. It is also clear to me that the committee has used the elevated nitrate levels in the common to enhance their environmental "need"for sewer. It is clear to me that the individual, who is unidentified, reported back to Savas and was very wrong in their assimilation of my statements. They apparently confused or combined the discussions to derive their statement to Savas. I have no disagreement with Savas, only how the information was wrongly used by the committee and felt that it was necessary to call you on it. That is what I did at the FINCOM meeting on 9/24.


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